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In order to better assess urgency of appointments, we require a referral to be received by our staff before an appointment can be made. Our wait times vary between doctors, with the average wait time approximately 6-8 months. We do reserve some slots for people who need to be seen urgently. This includes people who have had recent anaphylaxis, especially if the cause is uncertain. Urticaria and angioedema necessitating hospital attendances, and insect venom allergies.

If you believe that you require an urgent appointment, please note that on the referral when you send through, or call us to discuss. You can also nominate to see the next available doctor when you upload your referral below.

Please beware that if you do not have a valid referral letter from your GP before your appointment then you will be liable for the full cost of the appointment. Also have a look at some common questions about the appointment, and what we offer.

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You can easily book a follow up appointment by the following button below. Please let us know your rough availability, unfortunately urgent follow up appointments are reserved for patients with urgent medical needs.

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If you are unsure when your next appointment is, please use the following button, we will confirm your appointment time within 1 working day.

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If you have an appointment, but wish to change it, please use the following button.

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Some common questions about the appointment.